Website Performance

You want a fast server if your using lots of graphics

Tuned like a Race Car.

Just like a racecar the hardware you host your site on may make difference depending on what use you intend for your website.  The physical performance of your server is one thing to keep in mind when you are building your Seattle Online Marketing presence. 

Having your blog or website on a shared web server with an account you control is a great start but as you grow moving to dedicated system might be something you need to look into. 

You will want to take care of this ahead of time, instead of later when your server load starts to slow the shared server down and even causing it to reboot.  Downtime is bad for you and you want to minizie it before it happens. 

Along with the number of people visiting your site is the ability of the server to send all the requested data to each person browsing it.  All the big photo’s, huge HD movies, and other fancy looking stuff causes your site to load slower. 

That in turn creates a score for Google that helps it rank yours along with the rest of your competition in the same niche.  Although they want to see multimedia rich useful sites they also do not want to send their customer to a site that takes for ever to load into the browser.


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