Marketing in the Age of Google

I just attended a local Seattle marketing event this evening at The Garage.  The Seattle Direct Marketing Association  had their last event for this years “season” with a mid week mixer.  

To top off their year they invited Seattle author, Vanessa Fox, to speak about Search, the event was titled Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy .   Ms. Fox’s new book  is titled Marketing in the Age of Google.   She’s most famous for starting the “Webmaster Central” part of Google back in the day.

Marketing in the Age of Google.Her talk started with how we are using search now as opposed to what it was for 9 and 10 years ago.  Her point of how ingrained we are now to use search was an interesting point. 

Think about the last time you used a search engine to find something.  It’s all too common to see someone using a phone to find a restaurant, bookstore, bank, etc.    

She even suggested that the human animal is hard wired to seek, searching creates a need for us to search even more!  We’re addicted to search!   A very interesting idea, that I am sure psychologists will have a field day with.

The real meat of her presentation was about how businesses should think of their websites in terms of search and searchers.  

She pointed out a few ways that some very large established businesses failed to understand how their customer had found their site or was searching for it. 

All businesses that have an online presence should understand or create a customer profile so they can understand better what the customer is looking for. 

Searching and the Internet are not going away any day soon, and statistics are showing the opposite, that we in fact are becoming more and more tied to it everyday.

I was very glad to have had the opportunity to hear her presentation and about her new book, Marketing in the Age of Google

I bought my own signed copy, from what I have read already I know there are new insights to be gained.  I am certainly going to read it and do some experiments.  Any Seattle business considering an online marketing program would benefit from reading this well thought out book.  Buy your copy today!

Inital thoughts so far in reading.  Her book is one that many business owners should read if they are beginning to think their business would benefit from Organic Search traffic.  Any business that realizes they need an online presence would be smart in first looking at their organic search strategy. 

Ms Fox’s book goes into details on how to best plan a search engine optimization strategy for businesses that have yet to think about such subjects.  Fox’s book is not heavy on the technical aspects of SEO for businesses but in reality she guides them very thoguhtfully to first understand what their customer is searching for.   



Analytics make it so you can see trends easily.

Metrics show you trends

Measuring your success is the only way to know if you are improving or not.  Seattle Online Marketing is very aware of how analytics can show trends, show real successes, and also show when more testing is necessary.   

Specific measurements that Google Analytics can show you are, how many visitors have found your site, what geograhic area they come from, top keywords used to find your site, how long visitors are browsing your sites pages, data on users looking at your site with a mobile phone, and many more.  

You can use all of this data to make decisions on adding a new content to your site, it can tell you what words people have used to find your site, you can drill into logistics of where your visitors come from and many other features.  

One thing I like to do is to combine analytics, split testing, and have a specific action to ask visitors, like sign up to an email list.  Then you can measure effectiveness of seo copywriting, headlines, and other specific targets.  Getting data on these can help pinpoint further tweaks and changes until you have a top performing campaign.  

Another great use for data like this is for an AdWords campaign. 
Along with Google Analytics your Web Server logs can also shed light on interesting bits of data that can be very useful.  Seattle Online Marketing can help get the right mix of data for your online marketing business.