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Website Performance

You want a fast server if your using lots of graphics

Tuned like a Race Car.

Just like a racecar the hardware you host your site on may make difference depending on what use you intend for your website.  The physical performance of your server is one thing to keep in mind when you are building your Seattle Online Marketing presence. 

Having your blog or website on a shared web server with an account you control is a great start but as you grow moving to dedicated system might be something you need to look into. 

You will want to take care of this ahead of time, instead of later when your server load starts to slow the shared server down and even causing it to reboot.  Downtime is bad for you and you want to minizie it before it happens. 

Along with the number of people visiting your site is the ability of the server to send all the requested data to each person browsing it.  All the big photo’s, huge HD movies, and other fancy looking stuff causes your site to load slower. 

That in turn creates a score for Google that helps it rank yours along with the rest of your competition in the same niche.  Although they want to see multimedia rich useful sites they also do not want to send their customer to a site that takes for ever to load into the browser.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the pieces to the puzzle

Getting the Keywords right makes the puzzle pieces fit.

Just like puzzle pieces the right Keywords matter.

We believe that keyword research is one of the most important tasks to be done very early in the Search Engine Optimization, if not the most important.  This is the foundation from which your Search Engine Ranking will come from. 

From the keyword research results vedry useful information such as, competition for what bids will cost is discovered, keywords that have hi or low competition, how searchers are searching, how many pages are indexed for keywords or phrases, this research will show how relevant some words are more than others. 

The time spent doing this activity is well worth it because it can eliminate having to clean up mistakes later on. 

If you do not choose the right keywords and related ones.  You may think your site is about one thing, but due to how the Search Engines see it they could see your site in a completely different way.  

Luckily for you Seattle Online Marketing knows a way to see how Google sees your site for keyword relevance.  At least you can test your content against it to help narrow that gap if there is one.      

Google looks at a website as you would a new aquatinece or doctor. 

Here’s, what I mean by how Google looks at your site as person.  When you first meet a new friend, you start by talking and listening to what they say, how they describe things, and hold conversations. 

You’re subconsciously evaluating them for truth, depth of subject matter, etc.  It is clearly evident what someone knows when they start speaking about a specific subject.  In your discussion you learn their depth of knowledge.  

If you have some knowledge in that area you listen for corollary words that pertain to that subject. 

In looking for a doctor you would ask about degrees they have,  where they went to school, how long they’ve been practicing, new methods they’ve picked up, how he she acts, and dresses.  Do they all fit the part.

Google is looking at each website for it’s own search customer.  They will only send them your link if you look to them as an expert or knowledgeable in the field of your keywords. 

 Be multidimensional.

They are looking at websites as you would a person, and looking for the multidimensional aspects of that person.  No one is single or bi-dimensional only.   Your website also needs to have supporting keywords and language to round out your site as being an expert on your subject matter.  

If you have no desire for organic free traffic and being listed in the Top Search Engine Results.  In that case to get targeted traffic you will be buying traffic using Pay per Click ads, and other paid methods.  Then this is of less of a concern for you but that kind of site is not the usual local busienss site.

For example all the SEO work in the world will do no good if you are trying to rank for the term Seattle Online Marketing and your content is about all the different kinds of Marketing methods there are in the world.  

However if your domain name were Marketing.com the Online Marketing would certainly be something to have on your site.