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What is Online Marketing?

 What is Online Marketing? It’s simply marketing products and/or services by hosting a blog or website on the internet. The marketing information or content added to a blog or website should be relevant only to what is being marketed. This online advertising can be done by the person or company who provides the service or product, and in many cases the marketing campaign is hired out to a 3rd party web-marketing company.

What is online marketing benefits?

Some of the greatest benefits of internet marketing from a perspective of the advertiser is that you can target very specific segments of customers using good SEO techniques. Costs are cheaper than traditional direct marketing methods since a web page is virtually free, no mailing costs, and the biggest benefit must certainly be the results of a campaign are seen almost instantly.

To target a specific demographic you will want to tailor your advertising content specifically to that group. You will want to make sure you’re using the right words that they would be using to search for a solution to their problem, you would want to deliver your message in the media your target customer would want to receive it in, some people like to read, others prefer listening, and still others prefer to watch a video. Think about how your customer would want to consume your content.

What is online marketing techniques?

 There are many different techniques used in online-marketing just as there are in traditional advertising. Several techniques are to use banner ads, pay per click, email marketing, driving traffic to an e-commerce site, email capture pages, and more. However the signel most effective technique is to followup with your customers. Without that they cannot buy the product or service. The list is only limited to your imagination as someone will always find a way to combine things to create a new way to get a marketing message out.

 Wikipedia defines: What is online marketing? as

“Internet marketing, also referred to as i-marketing, web-marketing, online-marketing or e-Marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.

Today i-marketing is much more than just sending an email to an email list with a message to just buy a product or service. Most people are too used to seeing these blatant pleas to buy and ignore them. Due to this more savvy customer or client most online marketers are beginning to incorporate more social aspects to their marketing efforts.

Campaigns now are longer, more engaging with the customer to create a conversation around the product or service, and usually show the customer exactly how what they are going to sell will solve your customers pain, and lastly almost always current e-marketing campaign’s give away additional products or services to add more value than what you are paying for. Lastly please remember to make it easy for your customer to do what you are asking them to do.

This post is not meant to be a comprehensive list of everything about marketing online.  If you have any comments, questions, or need any help about what is online marketing, please leave them below.  I will do my best to answer them all and would absolutely love it if you became a fan of my Facebook page, see the badge to the right.

What does SEO stand for?

What does SEO stand for?
The acronym usually means Search Engine Optimization and can also mean Search Engine Optimizer; the former means making subtle changes in your online content to make it more attractive to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc to gain higher ranking; and the later the person or company doing the work of SEO.

The whole point for many website owners is be ranked higher in Organic search results; so that their site is seen more.  Therefore they think they will get more clicks or eyeballs the higher in the results they are.

Most will do just about anything for this, and that’s the danger in SEO where if you forget who the customer is you’ll most likely not do the right thing.  Your customer is the Search Engine customer not the search engine itself.  If you only employ tactics to entice search engine you are only employing temporary tactics that will eventually go away with new algorithm changes.

SEO is not just one process, really it’s several different processes that when combined help create a higher ranking effect.  The hard part about doing SEO is constantly adapting to the changing search engine algorithm.  You can learn some basic rules about SEO from Google itself in the Webmaster tools help section.

What does SEO stand for?
According to Wikipedia SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.  How you do that is the combination of several processes that I mentioned above. 

The best way to optimize a site for SEO is to first write content that is unique, compelling, and useful.  Then take that and decide how you want to optimize it for search using several different processes.

What do you think SEO is?  If you have any questions about how search engine optimization can benefit your website and business even if your not in Seattle, leave a comment.  I’ll get back to you.

You can also come to hear me speak at an local Online Publishing event in Bellevue, WA on Oct 30th to hear more about what SEO is http://biznik.com/events/publishing-yourself-release-the-author-in-youa-daylong-salon-on-self-publishing-and-self-promotion-0 .

A Local Seattle Online Marketing Event for Self Publishers.

I’m proud and flattered to tell you all that I’ve been asked to speak about SEO or Search Engine Optimization to a group of new authors and others who are interested in becoming self published.

The event is going to be in the local Seattle area and will have many different speakers. It really shaping up to be a terrific event for those smart people who attend and you don’t want to miss it.

I believe you will not find better value anywhere than this event, because the information that is going to be presented by people who really do it!   Sign up, today, and join me.

Here’s the event information to sign up. 

If you come I will be giving out a few DVD’s I just had made on Google Places and how to Rank in local search. 




Move over traditional publishing, for Indie Self-Publishing is here to stay. We are days away from a great day of learning, fun and making new connections that share a common interest theme goal of writing and self-publishing for the sake of one’s business and creative aspirations.

Got friends who might be interested in this daylong “conversation”? Please share this opportunity with them! For some will thank you!

The Presenters and I and panelists are all looking forward to the day!

8:30am-9am Check-in
9am Opening Remarks by Deborah Drake


The Creative Process, Writing, the Publishing Process, Marketing and Promotion (the Big Picture!)


  • 9:30am *Want to Write a Book? How to Get Started – and How to Finish (Kim Pearson)
  • 10:30am *CreateSpace & How to Publish Your Book for…$10 USD (Really)* (Rory Briski)
  • 11:30am *7 Things Guaranteed to NEVER get you an Interview with your Book! and Other IMPORTANT PR Tips* (Deb Whitlock)
  • 12:30-2pm **An Informal Lunchtime Q&A with Authors who’ll take your questions and share their experiences** (Kim Pearson, Diane Bridgwater, Rory Briski, Dr. Melody Ivory, Nicole Aloni, Debbie Whitlock, John Thompson, Kim Crumpler, Rollin Thomas, Doug Keith and others)
  • 2-3pm *Powerful Blogging and ABCs of Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimizingyour Blog* (Will Sugg/Deborah Drake)
  • 3-4pm **The Big Self Publishing Panel** (it’s all about your questions about writing, blogging, SEO, publishing and PR)

Dr. Melody Ivory closes the day with a poem

Wine and Cheese Networking starts at 4pm

Why you should consider writing your book and self-publishing it:

  • How to develop an idea into a manuscript
  • How to utilize the print-on-demand process
  • How to distribute your book via Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • How to successfully market your book (online and offline)
  • How you can receive ongoing support as is needed

By the end of the day, you will have the KEY information needed to write, self-publish, distribute, and market your book worldwide and be aware of helpful resources!

REGISTER HERE TO SECURE YOUR PLACE:http://tinyurl.com/29k2kky

Wine and Cheese Post-Event Networking INCLUDED with your registration fee.
Box Lunches an option for an additional fee.

We look forward to seeing you for some or all of the day!Friends, Philosophy and Tea is located at 13850 Bel-Red Road in Bellevue (near 140th and Bel-Red Road, across the street from Applebees’s in the Yellow House)

Parking farther away from the Applebee’s and Pacific Fabric’s is advised.

See you Saturday morning.

Questions? Please call me! Or leave a comment. 


SMX Advanced | Seattle

I am lucky enough to live in the great city of Seattle, the same town that this year’s SMX Advanced Expo and Seminar is being held.   It’s 2 days, June 8-9, 2010 downtown at the Bell Harbor Conference center, Pier 66 on the waterfront.  Some nice views of Elliot Bay and the Olympic mountains.    I registered for it a few weeks ago online and today was Day 1.  I ended up having enough time to go to the Expo this evening. 

I arrived a little later than I had expected but found the registration reception folks still nice and friendly, it was great to see that at the end of what must have been a long day.  Today was the first day of the Expo and Seminar.  Once I got my badge, I found some popcorn and a drink. 

I set out to talk with at least 4 different vendors.  Since they were almost all still there after 6pm I was able to talk with 4 of them.  

My favorite one of so far of the bunch I talked with was Optify

They make Analytic, Keyword, SEO, Lead Capture Tools and Analysis Reporting easier.  One specific tool to look out for is their Dashboard where everything the make can be accessed in one place.

I talked with a couple of their sales reps for a little while at the end of the day.  They really took the time to understand my business and market segment I am serving right now.  Then they showed me ways using thier easy to use tools, like back link builder, the keyword reporting, the dashboard, and how their search engine optimization tools could help me be more efficient in serving my own Seattle client’s SEO needs.

In talking with the guys at the booth I learned they are also based in Seattle which makes them very appealing to me since they are a local company. 

The reps knowledge of Search Engine Optimizationand how I could apply their tools to clients sites to streamline a few processes was really helpful and professional.  They were not just sales reps they knew clearly showed that they knew the tools, the market audience, and the subject matter.  A welcome combination in a Seminar Expo envrionment and not always the case.

I think Optify is worth a detailed second look and a certainly try out.  I’ll follow up this post and report back with my experience.

I’m looking forward to going back for Day 2, to see SEOmoz, snap some photo’s, networking, and much more.  I thought I saw a glimpse of some yellow shoes late in the evening.


Marketing in the Age of Google

I just attended a local Seattle marketing event this evening at The Garage.  The Seattle Direct Marketing Association  had their last event for this years “season” with a mid week mixer.  

To top off their year they invited Seattle author, Vanessa Fox, to speak about Search, the event was titled Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy .   Ms. Fox’s new book  is titled Marketing in the Age of Google.   She’s most famous for starting the “Webmaster Central” part of Google back in the day.

Marketing in the Age of Google.Her talk started with how we are using search now as opposed to what it was for 9 and 10 years ago.  Her point of how ingrained we are now to use search was an interesting point. 

Think about the last time you used a search engine to find something.  It’s all too common to see someone using a phone to find a restaurant, bookstore, bank, etc.    

She even suggested that the human animal is hard wired to seek, searching creates a need for us to search even more!  We’re addicted to search!   A very interesting idea, that I am sure psychologists will have a field day with.

The real meat of her presentation was about how businesses should think of their websites in terms of search and searchers.  

She pointed out a few ways that some very large established businesses failed to understand how their customer had found their site or was searching for it. 

All businesses that have an online presence should understand or create a customer profile so they can understand better what the customer is looking for. 

Searching and the Internet are not going away any day soon, and statistics are showing the opposite, that we in fact are becoming more and more tied to it everyday.

I was very glad to have had the opportunity to hear her presentation and about her new book, Marketing in the Age of Google

I bought my own signed copy, from what I have read already I know there are new insights to be gained.  I am certainly going to read it and do some experiments.  Any Seattle business considering an online marketing program would benefit from reading this well thought out book.  Buy your copy today!

Inital thoughts so far in reading.  Her book is one that many business owners should read if they are beginning to think their business would benefit from Organic Search traffic.  Any business that realizes they need an online presence would be smart in first looking at their organic search strategy. 

Ms Fox’s book goes into details on how to best plan a search engine optimization strategy for businesses that have yet to think about such subjects.  Fox’s book is not heavy on the technical aspects of SEO for businesses but in reality she guides them very thoguhtfully to first understand what their customer is searching for.   


Search Engine Optimization Using A Keyword Tool.

This Is A Great Search Engine Optimization Tool.

Watch the Video below.  Do you think you know what your site pages are all about?  You’ve chosen all the keywords you can think of for your terms . 

Put them all over in the text in good SEO fashion, but some how still you’re not getting the targeted traffic you think your site should attract.  What can you do?  (read more below)

If the traffic your getting isn’t converting as much as you would like.  Then it’s time to see what the search engines think your site is relevant for. 

Search Engine Optimization is clearly about having relevant words in the content of your site.  So keeping an eye on what the search engines think your site is relevant is important.  The above Seattle Online Marketing video is all about how to use 1 specific keyword tool to find that out.   Click on the seattle SEO video now.

Website Performance

You want a fast server if your using lots of graphics

Tuned like a Race Car.

Just like a racecar the hardware you host your site on may make difference depending on what use you intend for your website.  The physical performance of your server is one thing to keep in mind when you are building your Seattle Online Marketing presence. 

Having your blog or website on a shared web server with an account you control is a great start but as you grow moving to dedicated system might be something you need to look into. 

You will want to take care of this ahead of time, instead of later when your server load starts to slow the shared server down and even causing it to reboot.  Downtime is bad for you and you want to minizie it before it happens. 

Along with the number of people visiting your site is the ability of the server to send all the requested data to each person browsing it.  All the big photo’s, huge HD movies, and other fancy looking stuff causes your site to load slower. 

That in turn creates a score for Google that helps it rank yours along with the rest of your competition in the same niche.  Although they want to see multimedia rich useful sites they also do not want to send their customer to a site that takes for ever to load into the browser.


Analytics make it so you can see trends easily.

Metrics show you trends

Measuring your success is the only way to know if you are improving or not.  Seattle Online Marketing is very aware of how analytics can show trends, show real successes, and also show when more testing is necessary.   

Specific measurements that Google Analytics can show you are, how many visitors have found your site, what geograhic area they come from, top keywords used to find your site, how long visitors are browsing your sites pages, data on users looking at your site with a mobile phone, and many more.  

You can use all of this data to make decisions on adding a new content to your site, it can tell you what words people have used to find your site, you can drill into logistics of where your visitors come from and many other features.  

One thing I like to do is to combine analytics, split testing, and have a specific action to ask visitors, like sign up to an email list.  Then you can measure effectiveness of seo copywriting, headlines, and other specific targets.  Getting data on these can help pinpoint further tweaks and changes until you have a top performing campaign.  

Another great use for data like this is for an AdWords campaign. 
Along with Google Analytics your Web Server logs can also shed light on interesting bits of data that can be very useful.  Seattle Online Marketing can help get the right mix of data for your online marketing business.

Inbound BackLinks

In bound links are not like a message in a bottle.

Long before the Internet, to link to someone far away, you could have sent a message in a bottle.

Everyone votes all the time by choosing something to buy, eat, do, etc.  When someone adds a link to your Seattle Business website, they are casting one vote for you.  It’s also called backlinking.

Google looks at the links on other sites pointing to yours as a vote and uses that in some algorithm to help establish a measure of authority.  Just like with the keywords the relevancy of the site linking to yours matters. 

When there is a site that is higher in authority linking to yours then that is the best since they are saying you also are very highly looked upon. 

Inbound Link Quality Matters.

The converse of that is also true.  Although the number of  backlinks matters and so does the quality of where they come from.  It’s a little like high school, but you can also think of it this way. 

When you are professional in some field you usually belong to some association which just by belonging gives you a little more profe4ssional credibility, that is how I think Google looks at inbound links.

There are ways of getting these and I believe the speed at which they appear also matter, which relegates this task to be like a gardening project.  Your always pulling weeds and so your always looking for another link. 

Comments on blogs count, forums, and a number of other places, just make sure that it’s relevant to your subject matter. 

Campaign’s to increase inbound links can be time consuming but the right one could make a big difference you are looking for.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the pieces to the puzzle

Getting the Keywords right makes the puzzle pieces fit.

Just like puzzle pieces the right Keywords matter.

We believe that keyword research is one of the most important tasks to be done very early in the Search Engine Optimization, if not the most important.  This is the foundation from which your Search Engine Ranking will come from. 

From the keyword research results vedry useful information such as, competition for what bids will cost is discovered, keywords that have hi or low competition, how searchers are searching, how many pages are indexed for keywords or phrases, this research will show how relevant some words are more than others. 

The time spent doing this activity is well worth it because it can eliminate having to clean up mistakes later on. 

If you do not choose the right keywords and related ones.  You may think your site is about one thing, but due to how the Search Engines see it they could see your site in a completely different way.  

Luckily for you Seattle Online Marketing knows a way to see how Google sees your site for keyword relevance.  At least you can test your content against it to help narrow that gap if there is one.      

Google looks at a website as you would a new aquatinece or doctor. 

Here’s, what I mean by how Google looks at your site as person.  When you first meet a new friend, you start by talking and listening to what they say, how they describe things, and hold conversations. 

You’re subconsciously evaluating them for truth, depth of subject matter, etc.  It is clearly evident what someone knows when they start speaking about a specific subject.  In your discussion you learn their depth of knowledge.  

If you have some knowledge in that area you listen for corollary words that pertain to that subject. 

In looking for a doctor you would ask about degrees they have,  where they went to school, how long they’ve been practicing, new methods they’ve picked up, how he she acts, and dresses.  Do they all fit the part.

Google is looking at each website for it’s own search customer.  They will only send them your link if you look to them as an expert or knowledgeable in the field of your keywords. 

 Be multidimensional.

They are looking at websites as you would a person, and looking for the multidimensional aspects of that person.  No one is single or bi-dimensional only.   Your website also needs to have supporting keywords and language to round out your site as being an expert on your subject matter.  

If you have no desire for organic free traffic and being listed in the Top Search Engine Results.  In that case to get targeted traffic you will be buying traffic using Pay per Click ads, and other paid methods.  Then this is of less of a concern for you but that kind of site is not the usual local busienss site.

For example all the SEO work in the world will do no good if you are trying to rank for the term Seattle Online Marketing and your content is about all the different kinds of Marketing methods there are in the world.  

However if your domain name were Marketing.com the Online Marketing would certainly be something to have on your site.