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A Local Seattle Online Marketing Event for Self Publishers.

I’m proud and flattered to tell you all that I’ve been asked to speak about SEO or Search Engine Optimization to a group of new authors and others who are interested in becoming self published.

The event is going to be in the local Seattle area and will have many different speakers. It really shaping up to be a terrific event for those smart people who attend and you don’t want to miss it.

I believe you will not find better value anywhere than this event, because the information that is going to be presented by people who really do it!   Sign up, today, and join me.

Here’s the event information to sign up. 

If you come I will be giving out a few DVD’s I just had made on Google Places and how to Rank in local search. 




Move over traditional publishing, for Indie Self-Publishing is here to stay. We are days away from a great day of learning, fun and making new connections that share a common interest theme goal of writing and self-publishing for the sake of one’s business and creative aspirations.

Got friends who might be interested in this daylong “conversation”? Please share this opportunity with them! For some will thank you!

The Presenters and I and panelists are all looking forward to the day!

8:30am-9am Check-in
9am Opening Remarks by Deborah Drake


The Creative Process, Writing, the Publishing Process, Marketing and Promotion (the Big Picture!)


  • 9:30am *Want to Write a Book? How to Get Started – and How to Finish (Kim Pearson)
  • 10:30am *CreateSpace & How to Publish Your Book for…$10 USD (Really)* (Rory Briski)
  • 11:30am *7 Things Guaranteed to NEVER get you an Interview with your Book! and Other IMPORTANT PR Tips* (Deb Whitlock)
  • 12:30-2pm **An Informal Lunchtime Q&A with Authors who’ll take your questions and share their experiences** (Kim Pearson, Diane Bridgwater, Rory Briski, Dr. Melody Ivory, Nicole Aloni, Debbie Whitlock, John Thompson, Kim Crumpler, Rollin Thomas, Doug Keith and others)
  • 2-3pm *Powerful Blogging and ABCs of Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimizingyour Blog* (Will Sugg/Deborah Drake)
  • 3-4pm **The Big Self Publishing Panel** (it’s all about your questions about writing, blogging, SEO, publishing and PR)

Dr. Melody Ivory closes the day with a poem

Wine and Cheese Networking starts at 4pm

Why you should consider writing your book and self-publishing it:

  • How to develop an idea into a manuscript
  • How to utilize the print-on-demand process
  • How to distribute your book via Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • How to successfully market your book (online and offline)
  • How you can receive ongoing support as is needed

By the end of the day, you will have the KEY information needed to write, self-publish, distribute, and market your book worldwide and be aware of helpful resources!

REGISTER HERE TO SECURE YOUR PLACE:http://tinyurl.com/29k2kky

Wine and Cheese Post-Event Networking INCLUDED with your registration fee.
Box Lunches an option for an additional fee.

We look forward to seeing you for some or all of the day!Friends, Philosophy and Tea is located at 13850 Bel-Red Road in Bellevue (near 140th and Bel-Red Road, across the street from Applebees’s in the Yellow House)

Parking farther away from the Applebee’s and Pacific Fabric’s is advised.

See you Saturday morning.

Questions? Please call me! Or leave a comment. 


Marketing in the Age of Google

I just attended a local Seattle marketing event this evening at The Garage.  The Seattle Direct Marketing Association  had their last event for this years “season” with a mid week mixer.  

To top off their year they invited Seattle author, Vanessa Fox, to speak about Search, the event was titled Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy .   Ms. Fox’s new book  is titled Marketing in the Age of Google.   She’s most famous for starting the “Webmaster Central” part of Google back in the day.

Marketing in the Age of Google.Her talk started with how we are using search now as opposed to what it was for 9 and 10 years ago.  Her point of how ingrained we are now to use search was an interesting point. 

Think about the last time you used a search engine to find something.  It’s all too common to see someone using a phone to find a restaurant, bookstore, bank, etc.    

She even suggested that the human animal is hard wired to seek, searching creates a need for us to search even more!  We’re addicted to search!   A very interesting idea, that I am sure psychologists will have a field day with.

The real meat of her presentation was about how businesses should think of their websites in terms of search and searchers.  

She pointed out a few ways that some very large established businesses failed to understand how their customer had found their site or was searching for it. 

All businesses that have an online presence should understand or create a customer profile so they can understand better what the customer is looking for. 

Searching and the Internet are not going away any day soon, and statistics are showing the opposite, that we in fact are becoming more and more tied to it everyday.

I was very glad to have had the opportunity to hear her presentation and about her new book, Marketing in the Age of Google

I bought my own signed copy, from what I have read already I know there are new insights to be gained.  I am certainly going to read it and do some experiments.  Any Seattle business considering an online marketing program would benefit from reading this well thought out book.  Buy your copy today!

Inital thoughts so far in reading.  Her book is one that many business owners should read if they are beginning to think their business would benefit from Organic Search traffic.  Any business that realizes they need an online presence would be smart in first looking at their organic search strategy. 

Ms Fox’s book goes into details on how to best plan a search engine optimization strategy for businesses that have yet to think about such subjects.  Fox’s book is not heavy on the technical aspects of SEO for businesses but in reality she guides them very thoguhtfully to first understand what their customer is searching for.   


Search Engine Optimization Using A Keyword Tool.

This Is A Great Search Engine Optimization Tool.

Watch the Video below.  Do you think you know what your site pages are all about?  You’ve chosen all the keywords you can think of for your terms . 

Put them all over in the text in good SEO fashion, but some how still you’re not getting the targeted traffic you think your site should attract.  What can you do?  (read more below)

If the traffic your getting isn’t converting as much as you would like.  Then it’s time to see what the search engines think your site is relevant for. 

Search Engine Optimization is clearly about having relevant words in the content of your site.  So keeping an eye on what the search engines think your site is relevant is important.  The above Seattle Online Marketing video is all about how to use 1 specific keyword tool to find that out.   Click on the seattle SEO video now.

Market Research

Hit the bullseye with market research.
Hit the bullseye with online market research

Market Research is Key

Since your business is already running and started and you have an online presence you have done some kind of Market Research.  The market research that needs to be done pertains to online, where do the crowds for your products or service congregate. 

It is much easier to find a crowd and stand in front of it then to try to get it to congregate in front of you. 

From this perspective of finding where the crowd is we can then ascertain many more features that are valuable to know such as demographics, likes, dislikes, interests, and so on. 

From that information you can start to formulate a plan of how to market to them online.  Each crowd is a little different with respect to the niche, product or service they are seeking, talking about, interested in. 

You can find crowd information like this on blogs, websites, forums, etc.

Finding your competition and identifying what they are doing is also a large part of online Marketing research.  Knowing how they are advertising, keywords they are bidding on in google AdWords, seeing, reading, and analyzing their content all helps to put the big picture together.