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Inbound BackLinks

In bound links are not like a message in a bottle.

Long before the Internet, to link to someone far away, you could have sent a message in a bottle.

Everyone votes all the time by choosing something to buy, eat, do, etc.  When someone adds a link to your Seattle Business website, they are casting one vote for you.  It’s also called backlinking.

Google looks at the links on other sites pointing to yours as a vote and uses that in some algorithm to help establish a measure of authority.  Just like with the keywords the relevancy of the site linking to yours matters. 

When there is a site that is higher in authority linking to yours then that is the best since they are saying you also are very highly looked upon. 

Inbound Link Quality Matters.

The converse of that is also true.  Although the number of  backlinks matters and so does the quality of where they come from.  It’s a little like high school, but you can also think of it this way. 

When you are professional in some field you usually belong to some association which just by belonging gives you a little more profe4ssional credibility, that is how I think Google looks at inbound links.

There are ways of getting these and I believe the speed at which they appear also matter, which relegates this task to be like a gardening project.  Your always pulling weeds and so your always looking for another link. 

Comments on blogs count, forums, and a number of other places, just make sure that it’s relevant to your subject matter. 

Campaign’s to increase inbound links can be time consuming but the right one could make a big difference you are looking for.